Offshore Company Debit Card

An offshore company debit card is an electronic card which has been issued by an offshore bank. Offshore debit cards are part of the services which offshore banks offer. The offshore banks are banking institutions found in offshore jurisdictions which are licensed under special law and offer banking services to clients who are not residents of the jurisdictions where the offshore bank has been set up. The offshore banks offer services to offshore companies and individuals.

For help and advice on offshore company formation (IBCs and LLCs) we are here. Offshore company formation is a simple process and requires no travel on the part of incorporators as all incorporation procedures are handled by registered agents. Besides incorporating, our team provides support with citizenship by investment by which families are able to apply for a second citizenship.

An offshore company debit card as the name suggests is issued in the name of an offshore company. For an offshore company to own a debit card issued by an offshore bank this company, must first set up an offshore bank account with an offshore bank. There are many offshore jurisdictions offering the services of offshore banking where only the best offshore banks are granted license to operate and offer services. To establish an offshore corporate account a registered agent can be used for bank introduction or the shareholders and or directors of an offshore company can do the direct approach and communicate with the offshore bank of choice and set up the offshore corporate bank account. Services other than offshore debit cards are offered by the offshore banks to offshore companies; these services include offshore credit cards, offshore merchant t accounts, offshore bank accounts in multiple currencies, chequing accounts, savings accounts and many other excellent banking services.

An offshore company debit card gives the offshore company or the officers who have access to the company’s bank account a means of accessing the offshore bank accounts. The offshore debit card can be used at Automatic Teller Machines (ATM cash points) at locations around the world. This is very important as t removes the need for persons to travel to offshore jurisdictions to access funds in offshore bank accounts. The offshore company debit card can be used to pay for purchases as an alternative to cash. The offshore debit cards can be used at points of purchase as well as for shopping via the internet. The funds on an offshore company debit card can be transferred from one account to the next which removes the need for cash or cheques.

One important advantage of an offshore company debit card is that with the offshore debit card the funds accessed are those which are ion the bank account of the offshore company. The persons holding the offshore debit card is only allowed to spend whatever funds are in the offshore account and no more. The offshore debit cards issued by offshore banks are safe and convenient. Offshore banks may charge fees for setting up offshore accounts and possibly for the use of this offshore debit card at different points. Offshore banking is tax free in the offshore jurisdictions and anytime funds are deposited to an offshore debit account there are no local taxes charged. Offshore banks offer international offshore company debit cards which are acceptable worldwide.

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