Offshore Banking

Offshore banking is a service which can be obtained many offshore jurisdictions. Offshore banking and its services are offered to individuals and offshore company. Offshore banks in a jurisdiction cannot offer banking services to residents of that country. Offshore banking is safe and reliable. Offshore banks offer services which are of very high quality. Services which offshore bank account holders can take advantage of include chequing accounts, credit and debit card services, merchant accounts, wire transfers, multicurrency accounts, and internet banking among other services. Some of the offshore jurisdictions which offer the services of offshore banking are Nevis, Anguilla, Dominica, British Virgin Islands, Panama, and Hong Kong among others.

We offer reliable help with offshore asset protection vehicles such as offshore trusts and multiform foundations. Our professional team provides sound advice on offshore companies as well as economic citizenship by which investors and families from foreign countries can obtain a second citizenship in a stable national. Second citizenship requirements and procedures are rigorously regulated and provide families with a means of greater visa free travel, second home ownership and access to more life opportunities.

Offshore banking has many pros; among those are the tax exemptions. Offshore bank accounts are not subjected to local forms of taxation in the tax havens. Any income placed in offshore accounts can be transferred from one jurisdiction to the next without paying any taxes. Funds in offshore bank accounts can be remitted without declaring source of funds in many offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore banks offer privacy to their offshore bank accountholders a privilege which is not enjoyed by bank account holders in onshore banks. Like other offshore entities there’re laws which protects information which is held in offshore bank accounts in most jurisdictions. Offshore banking laws prevent bank employees and other persons with information regarding offshore bank accounts from making this information public knowledge or passing it on to third parties. Persons who choose to disregard this law will be punished by strict laws which result in monetary fines and or prison terms. In the past offshore banking involved anonymous offshore accounts which some banks still profess to offer these accounts but international banking laws makes it mandatory for all banks to know the identity of all persons establishing bank accounts and this law applies to offshore banks as well.

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