How to Get Offshore Debit Card ?

How to get offshore debit card is a good question to be asked by an individual or corporation who wants to invest funds which they may want to access at some point at an offshore bank. Since offshore banks are those banks which are outside of the country of resident of the offshore bank account holder an offshore debit card is a great way to access funds in an offshore bank account. Offshore debit cards are electronic cards which are offered by offshore banks as part of its banking services. Offshore banks are found in countries known as tax havens or simply offshore jurisdictions.

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To get offshore debit cards one must first have an offshore account with an offshore bank. an offshore debit card operates differently from an offshore credit card; the debit cards allows access to funds which are in an offshore account in other words the holder of an offshore debit card can only use the funds which are available in an offshore account with no need to repay later. Setting up an offshore bank account is not difficult, an individual or corporation wanting to set up an offshore bank account can fill out application forms on offshore banks’ websites and can also use offshore services providers to do bank introduction with the offshore banks.

How to get offshore debit cards from an offshore bank is an easy process once the applicant has an offshore account at the bank. Offshore debits cards are issued to individuals and offshore companies. when applying for offshore debit cards the offshore banks requires that individuals fill out a form and will be asked to provide picture identification by the offshore bank; copies of passport pages, driver’s license and national identification are acceptable. The policies of offshore banks may subject the applicants to due diligence. Once all the requirements are met the offshore bank will issue an offshore debit card to an individual or offshore company. Offshore banks in the tax havens issue international debit cards which are well recognized.

Offshore debit cards offered by the offshore banks can be used at Automatic Teller machines or cash points around the globe. Debit cards can be used for making purchases on the internet at retail outlets and can be used for transferring funds from one account to the next. The offshore debit card removes the need for cash and cheques and this is especially advantageous to persons who do not like travelling with cash. Only funds which have been deposited on an offshore debit card account is accessed which eliminates the need to repay funds and pay interest rates. Offshore debit cards as part of the services of offshore bank are not subjected to local taxation in the offshore jurisdictions. The offshore bank where this service is offered may apply a fee to this banking service and the fees of offshore banks are generally low if any is applied. Offshore debit cards and offshore banking are provided in the offshore tax havens of Cyprus, Belize, Bahamas, Panama, Nevis, Dominica and the British Virgin Islands and many other countries.

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